What does cyber and privacy insurance do?

With almost everything going digital in this day and age, it’s important that you protect any type of information that your business is housing online. Our cyber and privacy policy is designed to cover a wide variety of both liability and property losses that may result whenever a business is engaged in various electronic activities. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for employee information or company information to be targeted by hackers. This can lead to a multitude of consequences and expenses that you do not want to have to pay for out of pocket.

In addition, the policies we offer at Gulf to Atlantic Commercial Insurance can cover liabilities arising from website media content, property exposures from: business interruption, data loss/destruction, computer fraud, funds transfer loss, and cyber extortion.

Many times, cyber and privacy insurance is often confused with technology errors and omissions or Tech E&O insurance. In contrast to cyber and privacy insurance, tech E&O coverage is intended to protect providers of technology products like computer software or hardware companies, website designers, and firms that store corporate data on an off-site basis. If you have any questions about the two policies, contact us today.

Technology can be both a blessing and a curse, and at Gulf to Atlantic Commercial Insurance we want to help protect you in those times of need. Our policies are designed to protect you from the most common and uncommon types of cyber and privacy losses. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced professionals about how you can keep your information secure!