With Florida having the fourth-largest economy in the United States, it’s extremely important to protect your business from any type of general filing claim that can be made against you. General liability insurance protects your business from a range of financial loss that can result from the claims of injury or damage caused to others by you or your employees. While general liability insurance is not mandatory for businesses operating in Florida, it’s a wise decision to invest in a sufficient general liability coverage plan to limit your risk of exposure.

Every business situation is unique, which means that your general plan should be unique as well. Even if you are a business that is not considered high risk, you’ll still want to invest a decent sum of money towards general liability. For businesses that are considered high risk, like building trade or a business with a high volume of interaction with the public, you are going to want to include more coverage than a non-high risk business would. If you operate out of your home, your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance has limited coverage for business liability and loss. If you are relying on another type of insurance there can be a lot of grey area, so making sure you have all of your bases covered is essential to having a successful business.

Gulf to Atlantic Commercial Insurance has been assisting businesses since 2018. We understand the ins and outs of what you do and do not need, and are committed to taking the time to help you find the best sources of coverage for your business without making you overspend your hard-earned money. In addition to general liability insurance, we also offer a degree of other types of insurance if you are looking for something more specific. Click here to see a list of other insurance types we provide or contact us here with any further questions. We look forward to hearing from you.