In the state of Florida, anyone in the construction industry, even if that company has one employee, must carry some form of workers compensation. In any other type of industry, if they have over three employees, they are also required to carry a form of workers compensation. Due to the legality of workers compensation, it’s important that your insurance carrier understands not only the regulations set by the federal government, but also by the state. Florida laws are very specific when it comes to the responsibility of the employer and the employee. As a business owner it is your responsibility to let your employees know their rights and pay the entire premium if that person is injured. 

As for PEO, Professional Employers Organization, bundles the workers compensation, payroll, and HR services all together. When you use PEO, it eliminates the duties of the employer that include filing employee taxes, and the burden of annual workers compensation audits. While certain cases may be different, most of the time, the PEO can help lower the rate. Time is money, and by saving time on both services can allow companies, both small and large, to benefit in massive ways. 

Gulf to Atlantic Insurance has been assisting businesses find the perfect insurance package. With a full team of experienced professionals, we pride ourselves on helping business owners save money when choosing a policy. Protecting your business with workers compensation is a financial investment that will greatly benefit you and your employees. Contact us today, we look forward to speaking with you.